Day one (/BB voice)


Got to ferry in Portsmouth on time….. then waited about two hours. Finally got loaded on ferry, Rob hadn’t realised that the ferry is based on the economy of space and hence whilst going up to the ramp to the car deck we would park on, a foul smell emanated from the driver’s seat. We had at least an inch of head room…

 Fitting the car on to the ferry

We gathered everything but the laptop (because this is being written a few days late!) and headed toward the deck to woman at the check in McDonalds style window told us to go to (4). After standing around like idiots for a while a steward told us where to get our cabin keys and we were sorted, simple ticket exchange and the room was ours (so in were thrown the bags). The bars were what we needed; plucking up the courage to set out on this trip was worth a beer (even if Portsmouth was close to where we set off from, beer was required).


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