Been a bit busy learning about databases of late. I am finding it incredibly challenging to understand the theory side of things in the way it is explained in the OU text. I also got the Battlestar Galactica   box set and had a job interview, birthday and ‘stuff’ to do.

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I have to admit that I do have a thing for Razer products even if I haven’t got the money for them. Once upon a time I did, I also had a tendency to wear out hardware through no deliberate action – I never throw things against the wall, I don’t need to, they just break on their own.

Eventually I ended up with three Copperhead mice in my collection, one working and two with faults. Unfortunately my working one also developed a fault the other week so I have been using two mice, one with a working scroll wheel and one with a working right click – it has not been ideal.

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As part of concerns with parking in the area where I live there have been some discussions with the council as to whether or not there is a problem. Whilst mere mortals can see problems with their own eyes councils tend to need to be slapped about the face with a bucket of obvious before they are able to perceive reality.

For that reason a study was conducted into the makeup of the parked vehicles in the area, did they have a residents permit or were they pay and display and so on. I was copied into an email that had raw data and a draft report attached.

Unfortunately time is never to hand when it is needed so to make sense of the data I needed to deploy some hasty ninja Java to see what the score was. From the draft report it was clear that the study had been commissioned to show that there was no problem in the area, I needed to see the truth from the data.

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I have and am finding myself being kept busy with two areas of interest... when I should really be keeping focus on the quest for work.

One area of focus has been a nearby – very nearby – application for some new housing. I won’t go into it as it is boring but I have objections that I feel are valid so I have informed the council of them. Unfortunately (for them) I also find that the council is quite objectionable in a town that managed to be rated so poorly for happiness (by the office of national statistics)..... so it is several sides of A4 as I do not wish to write two letters.

The other side is an interesting debate on my OU module forum .It is a database module but we are allowed an area for general discussion and it is in use. We have a simple topic being discussed in three sub discussion of a thread, it’s the old favourite of ease ‘Does God exist?’.

I am not going to bring that discussion here or tell you what ‘side’ I am on but I am enjoying the opportunity to do a bit of thinking. It is time consuming though so I have not been able to mash out any pointless code to post for what seems like an age!