Day 17 - 01/04/2007

My Birthday, although no one apart from Rob knows.


Got up at 6.30 eventually. The hotel is a strange place and breakfast could have been served faster, supposedly it started serving at 7 but in reality it was closer to 7.30.

Breakfast consisted of French bread, jam and butter followed by croissants and coffee. Needless to say that this wasn’t very filling.

We paid the guardian and set off toward Ceuta and Europe. Leaving the town was odd, it reminds you a lot of the set for Blackhawk down, the people here at Larache look at you and at moments it seemed we were remarkably unwelcome- especially when Graham drove through a puddle soaking a local man.

An old Landrover parked under a missing shelter

Out on the road was pretty boring again; motorways and payages, Moroccan driving of course provided some entertainment. The scenery was again different, fertile fields and tree covered hills. This is definitely the more prosperous end of the country.

I can’t remember morning coffee but I’m sure we stopped somewhere.


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Day 16 -31/03/07

Left on time this morning and got out of Marrakech with far more ease than we expected. We fuelled up just out of town and headed for the boring main tarmac roads north towards Casablanca and our final destination of Larache.

service stationIt was a very boring day really, just endless tarmac roads. We had lunch at a motorway services, quite nice food, it seems it’s only in the UK that you get crap food at service stations for a rip off price.

The further north we have come the more obvious the western influence has been and more and more it looks like any other European country.



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Day 15 - 30/03/07

It’s a rest day…. So basically we are going to rest today.

Rob wants to find a McDonalds for lunch, travel 2000 miles for a burger when surrounded by such culture and variety? Well I suppose I can kind of understand it, it is a home comfort.

I have also discovered that half the plug sockets in the room do not work, as well as half the light switches. 


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Day 14 - 29/03/07

Skipping he hotel breakfast this morning, bread, pancakes etc. is getting a little boring, I’ve had a Nutrigrain bar instead.

The room is freezing cold now its morning; I put my socks on at about 5.

Today we are going to Marrakech, the journey is mainly on tarmac and to be honest the destination is not something I’m bothered about. Going to Marrakech is like going to London and claiming you’ve seen the UK, it is a tourist destination and I imagine a long way from the nomads we have passed for the last few days.

Starting to climb the mountainWe crossed the high Atlas Mountains today which are very impressive; they can be seen from miles away (shocking considering they are snow capped mountains). I slept most of the morning, I would say it was beauty sleep yet I am still ugly. A car making its way through the group

I did wake up at about midday as the group was about to stop for elevenses at what was close to being a motorway service station. It had public toilets, a convenience shop and a café/restaurant as well as a mechanics and petrol station. A strange piece of western normality although the Moroccans do not entirely abide by the ‘no smoking’ signs at petrol stations.

Just for visitorsAfter that brief break the group started its ascent into the foot hills of the mountains and Graham and Hasan started to try and spot a place for lunch as we passed through the small towns that scattered the route. Eventually we stopped at a newly built gift shop and café, presumably designed to be appealing to coach parties judging from the size of the car park. Rob had an omelette and I had a salad, Rob got chips with his and I felt a bit hard done by, until long after I had finished my salad a plate of chips arrived for me.

Back on the road again we climbed higher and started to see the evidence of the altitude, snow ploughs, gates on roads and snow poles that would mark the edge of the road in heavy snow.


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