Day 4, 9th June

This was what had become of the rest day. We were only going about 138 miles today and headed to Nice so there was no reason to think that it wouldn't be a relaxing cruise in the French countryside. We were going to attempt a couple more mountain passes but that sounded easy.

Austin Healeys assemble!Choosing to be different and because Rob wanted to we went to a cafe opposite the hotel and watched the world go by. In the street was a monthly (maybe it was weekly) market which we then wondered around. Everything looked so good and there was such a variety to chose from, I guess it could be described as the Waitrose of markets. In the mean time the Austin Healey's were assembling in front of the hotel. They were on a grand tour of the alps and Europe and had travelled from all over the place. The Audi we had come in really didn't compare although we probably had to make fewer repairs along the way. It was a pleasant sight and reassured us that we were at least in the right part of the world to find some great roads.

We headed off making a pit stop for lunch supplies at a local mini supermarket.

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Day 3, 8th June 2013

It was another early start and we were again ready to go at about 7am. I suppose it a reasonable choice to start early and make the most of the daylight than finish late and not see anything. Today we journey through the Mont Blanc tunnel into Italy and in theory cut back into France using the mountain pass between La Thuile and La Rosiere.

First order of the day was to obtain fresh bread and any food we could want. Its really enjoyable having fresh bread everyday even though it sounds like such a simple thing.

The scenery today was inevitably dominated by mountains. Ultimately they are just rather large bits of rock that stick up into the air but as they are not a familiar sight to me I must confess to being quite excited by them although slightly concerned that there did still seem to be a fair amount of snow on them. I had checked before we left and nothing seemed to say that we would encounter any problems with snow.

Mont Blanc

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Day 2, 7th June 2013

It is never easy waking up to the sound of an alarm clock but we had to make it to the other side of Lake Geneva today.

The hotel did offer breakfast for an additional fee and if I had more money in my pocket I probably could have been tempted but I didn't and Rob didn't want to go and sit by himself so we made do with the kettle in the room and rations we had brought with us. We soon had the car packed and set off on schedule at about 7am.

First job of the day was to do some shopping so we had something to eat for lunch. With ease (smart phone help) we found the local Carrefour and got a baguette, some Ham and Cheese and some drinks. It was nice being in a French supermarket; they actually sell a lot of food rather than UK supermarkets that sell a lot of rubbish.

Heading back towards the motorway we found ourselves mingling with armoured vehicles APC convoy that provided some entertainment until we were back on track.

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Day 1, 6th June 2013

We left Cambridge reasonably early and boarded the ferry at about eleven in the morning, as we were early we were allowed to get on a waiting boat. We weren't on one of the new ferries (Spirit of....) but passed one entering Dover harbour and they look much nicer than the old ones. Arriving in Calais before one the adventure proper began although in truth its not like we were anywhere but a first world nation. Still it seems very relaxing to know that there is open water between you and home.Heavy traffic

Off the ferry and onto the main road we were passed by various entrants in the Crumball Rally heading to and event. Some of them were not exactly making great representative of the UK, swerving about and racing. Driving south really made you appreciate that France is a fairly large country with not many people in it, in that way it is very different to the UK. We hit heavy traffic late afternoon, we didn't really, getting anywhere near another car was quite rare.

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