Someone suggested on my university forums that it doesn't hurt to have a place that allows you to demonstrate what an idiot you are showcase your talents which can help you to get a job, so that is what this place is for - or will hopefully become. I have chosen a subtle title for the site in order that I don't seem too forward.

I have and am keeping an eye on recruitment sites and the local rag as well as sending some speculative applications. There is no question that I am being slightly fussy as I want a job that involves computers and preferably Java since that's what I have studied and I am a resident of the 21st century. Living in Bedford, which is not entirely a part of this century, does present some limitations so I am not afraid of considering any option.

The trouble that I have found with applying for jobs is that I am awful at it. When I read back my covering letter and CV I know that if I were a potential employer that I would put it straight in the bin. I have this problem of being honest and realistic; I am not skilled in the art of selling myself nor stretching the truth in order that the mundane can sound fascinating. I do not harbour bizarre levels of positivity or energy and I really am never going to high five someone or shout 'good job'. I simply do not speak the language that a recruiter requires so I don't feel that my CV is going to get me anywhere on its own.

Hence this place shall allow me to sell myself in a likely curious and strange way. It should also present a slightly more realistic picture of myself than I can fit on a social media site or covering letter or CV.

Day 10, 15th June 2013 - The journey home

A very long day, more than five hundred miles and a ferry to meet. On the road a little before seven we headed out to find fuel and food. This took longer than normal as we couldn't seem to get the unattended 24hr petrol stations to dispense any fuel, whoever followed us did and were able to charge their fuel to Rob's card which was nice for them but a hassle Rob probably didn't want to have to deal with when he got home.

Being a Saturday the shops weren't open as early as they were in the week - by this point we had somewhat lost track of what day it was and wasted far too much time messing about. Fortunately we had planned in a contingency of time so no sweating was required.

The Paris ring road is not for the faint heartedA few options were available to get to Calais from Moulins, we could go cross country towards Dijon and pick up the E21, go North through Nevers on the main road and cut across to Troyes and pick up the E17 or head towards Paris and hope everyone was staying in bed all day because it was the weekend. With not inconsiderable bravery and Tom Tom to hand Rob opted to chance the Paris route and before ten we had the city well in our sights.

Whilst we did encounter the most traffic we had seen for about ten days we only came to a halt once which was remarkably lucky. I got a glimpse of the Eiffel tower in the distance but in what seemed like no time we were out the other side on en-route to Calais.


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Day 9, 14th June 2013

OuchDeparting not too long after eight in the morning we returned to the routine of the morning trip to a shop to purchase supplies for lunch. Being able to control the cost of lunch by making it ourselves really helped keep costs under control.

Returning to the car we discovered that we were the victims of a near miss. A timely reminder to make sure you have properly applied the handbrake as well as offering some insight as to where all the marks on French cars might come from.

Our destination was the Campanile near Moulins although our route would take in the Millau viaduct. This was a high mileage day coming in at about 360 miles but we were rarely not on a motorway so we finished just before five.

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Day 5 - 8, 10th - 13th June 2013

Yesterday was the end of the Alpine adventure and today was the start of something more relaxing. We had to cover just over two hundred miles to get to our destination but it was pretty much motorways all the way. Our destination was between Cavaillon and L'Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue (which to the French probably souHouse with a swimming poolnds as exciting as Burton on Trent does to us).

The route was not really exciting at all, we followed the E80 as far as we could and arrived well before five, I have a feeling we got there and had lunch but I could well be wrong - it was nice to get there so I did not keep track of the details.

The house sat on a large plot and was of ample size. It had an adequate (if a little small, I'm such a snob) swimming pool outside, it was very pleasant and the only complaint I could dream up was that they hadn't landscaped the garden so the grass was actually very uneven when you walked across it.

A big can of PringlesWe had intended on being active and going and seeing things whilst we were here but in truth we ended up using the pool everyday and enjoying an afternoon beer. Of course that is not to say that we did nothing it was just that in comparison to the previous days this place seemed a little boring. It wasn't really, there was lots to see and do if you wanted to but I think after so many long days we were not really that interested in finding something to do. The odd castle was located and we ventured up the highest nearest hill.

It is difficult not to enjoy sitting near a pool and doing nothing, taking a break and just letting time flow in the absence of any schedule. But it couldn't last forever.

After a wonderful few days spent with Rob's family, some nice meals out and a more normal type of holiday experience we had to pack our bags and load up the car again. As the boot of the car was quite small we did also take the opportunity to do chores like washing the limited number of clothes that we had been able to take with us which improved the odour inside the car greatly.