PacakgesIsk per hour is a great program that provides a fantastic amount of functionality and is well worth praising. For me the most useful part is the ability to keep a record of which blue prints you own and how much they have been researched. This is then used by the program to calculate how much it costs to build something. Well, I guess there is actually a lot more to it but that’s not important right now.


IPH allows you to create a back up of you blueprints which is quite handy if you need to reinstall or show off. Since I have been playing with reading Eve log files I decided it wouldn’t be much effort to quickly throw together something to read the IPH backups as well. I don’t know what use this would ever be but never the less....

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When I was sorting out setting this site up I must confess to not really thinking it through properly. I needed domains and I needed hosting yet for what ever reason (a lack of coffee) I didn't check what offers were about. In fact I just went to as I have previously had domains, hosting and web-servers from them.

Having registered and (re-registered) I then went to check out the hosting packages. They were on sale which was nice but frustratingly also came with the offer of free domain names....grrrr. Never the less I went the business hosting package from since it came with useful things things like unlimited databases, a dedicated ip address, a free ssl certificate and SSH (as well as load of couher codes for seo stuff etc.). None of which is very special but if your not entirely certain what your going to be doing with it in the future then it is sufficient to provide flexibility. Also by going with hosting and not even looking at dedicated servers (not that I could afford one) I also didn't have to set anything up - me setting up a web-server is a candidate scenario for a sit com.

Anyway, I was able to specify to be the main domain for this hosting which was nice but couldn't be bothered to mess about worrying about the .com - I wanted to play with the hosting. For a while though the domain did not connect to the hosting which was irritating so I contacted UK2 to find out what was going on, since I cant be bothered to log into the mail account that's attached to my account I do not know what there reply was (they seem keen on security, but fixed the problem I reported - common sense in action). However by the next time I checked domain and hosting were as one - efficient since I am a fan of F5.

So I forgot about the .com until today. Having pondered and researched how I was going to get around not having DNS management for the domain name (I can buy it as an add on) by using free services I decided to actually type into my browser. To my surprise it points here and probably has done the entire time.

So thank you who ever did that even though it is highly unlikely that they will ever know that I was grateful as I've said it here and I doubt they are likely to check here.



The all important packageIn an earlier posting I showed off the log file parsers which were designed to take an array of files and process them. In this posting I’ll show the next level up, I like to think of it as a management layer but that is a little grandiose.

The basic purpose of this part of this package is to decide which log files will be processed and by who as well as ultimately providing an interface that will make it possible to use the whole thing as part of a larger system – not that I have plans, evil plans for world domination.

Also in this part is a main method that won’t feature in the final thing. For the purposes of testing it was the easiest way of making it go. I have also chosen to explore some new territory and use Thread pools however I have not implemented this idea in the best way possible, when I revisit this area and give a make over in the future I am already plotting to deploy the simplicity of the ExecutorService but for now it is a slightly naive bodge job.

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What an impressive package I haveInitially I only had eyes for the market logs but then my eyes were opened to the joys of log files so I parsed them all mwhwhahahah.... or something like that. Due to this there I have made some less than ideal choices and really these all need refactoring - a caveat that will appear quite a bit in this posting.

Part of this is due my apparent obsession with messing about with String comparison and if’s when regular expressions are definitely the way to go. So this should be thought of as a prototype rather than an ideal version.

Since I did not start out with anything it was necessary to devolve an inheritance hierarchy once things seemed to be working. Again this would likely benefit from some tweaking but for now it works.

The key aim of this package is to convert the logs into temporary useable objects that could then be converted later into a more ‘proper’ database ready version of the object. By creating an intermediary step in this package the potential for re-use is greatly increased as I am not dictating what must happen next, these basic object could be used as they are if required.

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