The API is taking a lot more time to digest than I ever expected but some of that is because I am not really making things easy for myself. As I was mashing my face against the keyboard expecting working code to eventually appear through random chance it occurred to me that the API part of my Eve based portfolio should aim to be self sufficient and therefore contain slightly more information than would otherwise be necessary.

In this case that meant (to me) that really the strings used in the API need to be kept track off, an application may for example want to make use of these strings as part of a GUI. There are better reasons than that I hope as it seemed such a good idea at the time!


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Since log files were getting boring it seemed like a good idea to start looking at the API.

In order that custom levels of access can be granted an Eve API key has an associated access mask which is in fact a bitmask. I hate working with bits but it seemed unavoidable that I would have to do battle with this demon if I wanted to get any further.

Whilst my understanding is probably wrong I think it is correct to consider the mask as a series of levers in a signal box that can either be on (true) or off (false) which could be represented as, for example, 1100001. If you want to find out if the last lever is on you can compare 1100001 with 1 (or 0 to see if it is off) and if you want to see if the first lever is on you can compare 1000000. I could be entirely wrong on that, this is not something I am expert at.


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Eve Log AnalysisMy titles for these posts need work, they are awful. None the less I have been tapping away and made some progress with the market logs and database. As it stands the system can import market logs to the database, can identify already processed market logs and can make a rudimentary sales report with a stock prediction (I make that sound clever).

Inevitably problems have been encountered, some have been fixed and some haven’t. The database has been evolved to deal with some issues and naivety on my part, a more in depth analysis would have got certain things right the first time although equally I was desperate to press on and actually make it do something.

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Having messed about with the log files it would seem to be a good idea to put them to work. A purpose would also help me to work out how the interface to these existing mini projects needs to be finished off – necessity is the mother of all creation or something like that.

To go any further inevitably requires a couple of things, a database and the CCP data dump.

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