I have to confess that a simple solution to my dislike of iTunes would be to not use but I have credit on the account and frankly I am not sure what I would change to. In fact this particular rant has no specific aim as I do know of that solution to the problem and chose not to take it, so I guess this is really more of an outpouring of fruit related frustration brought on by not be able to understand why something fairly every day took me over an hour and a half to do.


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I have to admit that I do have a thing for Razer products even if I haven’t got the money for them. Once upon a time I did, I also had a tendency to wear out hardware through no deliberate action – I never throw things against the wall, I don’t need to, they just break on their own.

Eventually I ended up with three Copperhead mice in my collection, one working and two with faults. Unfortunately my working one also developed a fault the other week so I have been using two mice, one with a working scroll wheel and one with a working right click – it has not been ideal.

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I have and am finding myself being kept busy with two areas of interest... when I should really be keeping focus on the quest for work.

One area of focus has been a nearby – very nearby – application for some new housing. I won’t go into it as it is boring but I have objections that I feel are valid so I have informed the council of them. Unfortunately (for them) I also find that the council is quite objectionable in a town that managed to be rated so poorly for happiness (by the office of national statistics)..... so it is several sides of A4 as I do not wish to write two letters.

The other side is an interesting debate on my OU module forum .It is a database module but we are allowed an area for general discussion and it is in use. We have a simple topic being discussed in three sub discussion of a thread, it’s the old favourite of ease ‘Does God exist?’.

I am not going to bring that discussion here or tell you what ‘side’ I am on but I am enjoying the opportunity to do a bit of thinking. It is time consuming though so I have not been able to mash out any pointless code to post for what seems like an age!

When I was sorting out setting this site up I must confess to not really thinking it through properly. I needed domains and I needed hosting yet for what ever reason (a lack of coffee) I didn't check what offers were about. In fact I just went to www.uk2.net as I have previously had domains, hosting and web-servers from them.

Having registered evilbrie.com and (re-registered) evilbrie.co.uk I then went to check out the hosting packages. They were on sale which was nice but frustratingly also came with the offer of free domain names....grrrr. Never the less I went the business hosting package from http://www.uk2.net/web-hosting/ since it came with useful things things like unlimited databases, a dedicated ip address, a free ssl certificate and SSH (as well as load of couher codes for seo stuff etc.). None of which is very special but if your not entirely certain what your going to be doing with it in the future then it is sufficient to provide flexibility. Also by going with hosting and not even looking at dedicated servers (not that I could afford one) I also didn't have to set anything up - me setting up a web-server is a candidate scenario for a sit com.

Anyway, I was able to specify www.evilbrie.co.uk to be the main domain for this hosting which was nice but couldn't be bothered to mess about worrying about the .com - I wanted to play with the hosting. For a while though the domain did not connect to the hosting which was irritating so I contacted UK2 to find out what was going on, since I cant be bothered to log into the mail account that's attached to my account I do not know what there reply was (they seem keen on security, but fixed the problem I reported - common sense in action). However by the next time I checked domain and hosting were as one - efficient since I am a fan of F5.

So I forgot about the .com until today. Having pondered and researched how I was going to get around not having DNS management for the domain name (I can buy it as an add on) by using free services I decided to actually type www.evilbrie.com into my browser. To my surprise it points here and probably has done the entire time.

So thank you who ever did that even though it is highly unlikely that they will ever know that I was grateful as I've said it here and I doubt they are likely to check here.