Which I guess explains why this place got a little forgotten about – also found vkgoeswild on you tube so I can stop listening to Hanson (which probably sounds weird if you did not read the iTunes posts I made- which is probably likely if you're reading this in a sensible order).



Last time I posted was back in June when I was starting to get frustrated with the endless and apparently pointless hunt for a job.


To do things chronologically I got a job...


I now get to play with HR and time and attendance software. I will be honest and say that it sounds very grey (or gray) to say that but when you do sit down and think about it like a proper grown up you do quickly realise how important it is to people, it is their salary, their job, their holiday entitlement and all those things that count as milestones along the path of professional achievement.

Which still fails to make it exciting and probably actually makes it sound stressful which is an overstatement, there is simply a strong requirement to do your utmost to be professional.

The challenge seems forever to balance the ideal of getting things done right and the reality of needing to get things done at all. A customer will always want a problem resolved in a snap at any cost and that desire truly makes you appreciate why ethics are taught at all. The need to to hold a payroll up until you are happy no matter the tone of the customer, even if you lose business because of it, you just have to do it. Consider the other option of simply making a screen in the program look about right whilst no one knows what went on in the background – the customer would be happy but the consequence would be hell – but you would probably not lose business for doing it. I am happy that we do not operate like that and the challenge of trying to keep the customer happy as well as resolving an issue is an intriguing facet of the work place and an area where I find myself always learning.


I am going to say I but in truth I work as part of a team and input is very much we however I do get to decide on and take responsibility for a course of action. That is a challenge as it requires confidence to make a decision but the team part of I is always there to stop you when the I part of I wants to do something stupid. It constantly makes you feel very fresh as whilst you can be wrong it takes personal effort to actually do something wrong.



Enough of work and on the the 2:1


I did all the undergraduate OU modules in computing – I think – and I think that I need to learn more, what I know is not enough, I would enjoy knowing more.

I completed my degree with 420 points of the required 360 and no one will ever care but to me the insight the whole range of modules gives makes the extra effort so worthwhile. Certainly no one is ever going to ask me about the Chinese room argument ever again but I shall never forget that walking through doorways causes forgetfulness.

A masters is really a question of price rather than desire. In truth I would like to take the time to do a phd as I truly believe that it is something I could enjoy doing and do well but I got around to enjoying learning a little bit later than my finances really allow. I find it very regretful that I have never had a clear intellectual focus even within a subject area. I seem to act more as the pathways of a slime mould with intensity only on those parts that I find most stimulating but connections between those parts and the whole.


Enough of smarts and onto the revival


tgu.bz – if I did the DNS right. I inherited The Gaming Union, it was one of the many things in my life that have fascinated me even though now its purpose is clearly eclipsed by social media.

Back in the day TGU was the social media (if you were interested in that sort of thing). It was before things got aggregated by the likes of reddit and your facebook feed. It was just good fun and friends that shared a common interest.

Bringing it back from the dead will probably never work but equally some things should never be forgotten. The futile gesture that someone might one day Google and remember their youth, why not give them that.

I would love to say that I was going to change the world but the reality is that someone asked me to look after the site once upon a time and I said yes so even if there are a few hiccups along the way I would like to honour that.