Which I guess explains why this place got a little forgotten about – also found vkgoeswild on you tube so I can stop listening to Hanson (which probably sounds weird if you did not read the iTunes posts I made- which is probably likely if you're reading this in a sensible order).



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Since finding a job to apply for at all can sometimes be a real challenge – as well as the Steam summer sale getting in the way – I did start to question why I ever bothered to study. Really, the maths is just not stacking up.

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Lottery packagesI couldn’t resist an awful title.

I also couldn’t resist messing about making something that really is quite fantastically pointless to add to my growing collection of pointless things.

This pointless thing involves messing about with a sort of lottery type thing. Really I was just pondering how the lottery worked and how you could model that, I really need to find a hobby - such as having a job.

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Been a bit busy learning about databases of late. I am finding it incredibly challenging to understand the theory side of things in the way it is explained in the OU text. I also got the Battlestar Galactica   box set and had a job interview, birthday and ‘stuff’ to do.

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As part of concerns with parking in the area where I live there have been some discussions with the council as to whether or not there is a problem. Whilst mere mortals can see problems with their own eyes councils tend to need to be slapped about the face with a bucket of obvious before they are able to perceive reality.

For that reason a study was conducted into the makeup of the parked vehicles in the area, did they have a residents permit or were they pay and display and so on. I was copied into an email that had raw data and a draft report attached.

Unfortunately time is never to hand when it is needed so to make sense of the data I needed to deploy some hasty ninja Java to see what the score was. From the draft report it was clear that the study had been commissioned to show that there was no problem in the area, I needed to see the truth from the data.

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