I am a part time Open University student studying my final module towards a BSc(Hons) in Computing and looking for a full time job doing something relevant. The syllabus for this degree mainly uses Java but the intention is that students shouldn't have great difficulty in taking up additional languages. I chose to undertake an additional module that made use of and have dabbled with C# but Java remains my most familiar language. 

My current module is M359 Relational Databases: theory and practice which I will complete in October 2014.

Completed modules

  • M150 Data, computing and information
  • T175 Networked living: exploring information and communication technologies
  • T173 Engineering the future  
  • M253 Team working in distributed environments  
  • M255 Object-oriented programming with Java
  • M256 Software development with Java  
  • M257 Putting Java to work  
  • M263 Building blocks of software  
  • MT264 Designing applications with Visual Basic  
  • M362 Developing concurrent distributed systems  
  • M363 Software engineering with objects  
  • M364 Fundamentals of interaction design  
  • M366 Natural and artificial intelligence  
  • TM470 The computing and IT project     



My last employment lasted for just over eight years working for my fathers wholesale florist supplies business. My roles were varied and altered over time as my experience and knowledge developed,  the final position I held is probably best described as general manager but that is not very descriptive.

I gained experience using Sage Instant Accounts and Payroll, data entry as well as reconciliation etc. as well as experience of using the core MS Office products during this time (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access). In the warehouse I dealt face to face with customers handling both sales and general inquiries. My greatest accomplishment during this employment was implementing new systems to handle day to day business activities.

In particular I implemented a gas cylinder rental systems that allowed for the automated billing of customers and tracking of cylinder holdings. As an addition to this system I implemented a means of tracking supplier records against our own and identified approximately fifteen thousand pounds worth of overcharges that we were able to reclaim. This success and experience of how powerful a system could be ultimately sparked my interest in software development which I was able to peruse once I became redundant due to business closure.


As a younger man I successfully studied for the City and Guilds 1820 Sound Engineering parts 1 and 2. Whilst this ultimately did not lead on to anything it did complement my interest in sound equipment.

Prior to that I studied at Bedford Modern School and took nine GCSE's.


Other interests

Travel would be my main hobby if time and money were not a factor but within those limitations I have managed to take a couple of road trips, one to north Africa and the other around France in addition to visiting Poland, Prague, Wales, Yorkshire and the wilds of Norfolk. Inevitably employment with a wholesale florist also led to numerous business trips to the Netherlands over the years.

PC gaming is a long term interest of mine and most recently I have become settled into playing Eve Online, although I sometimes find I am more interested in contemplating how the game is working rather than actually partaking in any game play. The game that probably got me hooked on computer games was Elite, the 'enhanced' Archimedes version to be precise.

My television genre of choice is Sci-fi and my all time favorite series is Babylon 5. This combined with my interest in games led me to discover the Homeworld modding community which were working to combine to two. At that time many of the mods were hosted on a single site sharing a single forum (the internet was like that back then) and overtime I became a member of staff on the hosting site and member of its CS clan.

Later on I became involved with the Battlefield community, the unorthodox end of it anyway. This ultimately led to me earning a credit on a map released as part of the 2142 1.5 patch for being the beta test coordinator but along the way I also 'acted' in some promotional material.

I am also a veteran of teens of Reading festivals although I have been unable to attend for the last few years.

I have also managed to re-design the garden, decorate my brothers house, insulate and board the loft and walk the dog about two thousand times.