Someone suggested on my university forums that it doesn't hurt to have a place that allows you to demonstrate what an idiot you are showcase your talents which can help you to get a job, so that is what this place is for - or will hopefully become. I have chosen a subtle title for the site in order that I don't seem too forward.

I have and am keeping an eye on recruitment sites and the local rag as well as sending some speculative applications. There is no question that I am being slightly fussy as I want a job that involves computers and preferably Java since that's what I have studied and I am a resident of the 21st century. Living in Bedford, which is not entirely a part of this century, does present some limitations so I am not afraid of considering any option.

The trouble that I have found with applying for jobs is that I am awful at it. When I read back my covering letter and CV I know that if I were a potential employer that I would put it straight in the bin. I have this problem of being honest and realistic; I am not skilled in the art of selling myself nor stretching the truth in order that the mundane can sound fascinating. I do not harbour bizarre levels of positivity or energy and I really am never going to high five someone or shout 'good job'. I simply do not speak the language that a recruiter requires so I don't feel that my CV is going to get me anywhere on its own.

Hence this place shall allow me to sell myself in a likely curious and strange way. It should also present a slightly more realistic picture of myself than I can fit on a social media site or covering letter or CV.